What to see in Vittoria:


The Castle (or ex Prison) today houses the Polyvalent Civic Museum where you can see some handcrafts of the “city of wine”.. Next to the building stand the so- called Magazzini del Conte, the old offices where fees (“wheat” taxes) were paid.

The Ancient Church of St. John (at the Trinity): only a few metres away it is possible to visit what is left of the ancient Church of San Giovanni, whose construction began on March 6, 1607. Damaged by the earthquake of 1693, it was abandoned. The ancient church covered the entire area of the square. The actual Chapel still conserves the ancient portal and baptismal fountain that dates back to 1612.

The New Church of St. John (or Mother Church) was built between 1695 and 1706, thanks to the generous offerings of the community, and consacreted in 1734. Its interior, divided in two naves, is rich in marbles, gildings, stuccowork, statues and frescos. San Giovanni is the “patrono” (the protector) of the city of Vittoria and the fist week of July it is celebrated with a great parade in the city.

The Town Theatre “Vittoria Colonna”. The centre of the city is Piazza del Popolo. Here stand the beautiful Neo-classical Theatre (1871-1877) and the 18th century church of Madonna delle Grazie (The Lady of the Blessings)

The Calvary: built in 1859 a few metres away from the previous one that was afterwards demolished, it is a small temple, of circular plan with 2 neoclassical lateral juxtaposed bodies that shelter at its base a chapel decorated with a few frescos. On its external walls there are 5 decorated lunettes that illustrate scene of the crucifixion. This particolar construction is used for the “Mysteries of Good Friday” called “I parti”.

Palazzo Iacono Rizza, which today houses the City Hall, was completed in 1880.

Palazzo Traina in the cothic-venitian style.

The City Park called “Villa” is a beautiful arboreal monument from where one overlooks the entire Valley of Ippari.

The Fountain of the Garì or of the Lions.

In the outskirts:

The Park of Serra San Bartolo full of numerous plants of carrubo, it houses a museum of “Carrubo and country community”.

Kamarina (anciente greek city) with its archeological museum
Ragusa Ibla, baroque city.

Events and Feasts:

Easter Good Friday with the procession of Christ towards the Calvary.
24 June 1st Sunday of July Feast of the Patron St. John.
The Lady of Cammarana and the legend og the King Cucco from Agust 13 and 15 in Scoglitti
The Emaia an enormous trade exhibition with 4 sistnct annual editions.

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